The Jubilee of Mercy, an extraordinary time of God given Grace transmitted to us all through His Holiness Pope Francis, is slowly coming to a close. But the mercy of God is infinite and has no end as is his wish that we imitate him by showing mercy to each other. For this reason the invitation to mercy is an integral and important part of the New Evangelisation that the Church has embarked on.

The exposition of the true copy of the Sacra Sindone or Holy Shroud of Turin in its true to life dimensions, is to be for each and every one of us a true spiritual experience as we turn to Christ in contemplating his suffering and glorious face. Jesus is the source of love that inspires us to walk in his footsteps. He is the love which speaks to our hearts and urges us on to walk up the mount of Calvary, and together with him, come face to face with the Cross. The Shroud teaches us to keep in mind always the tears and sufferings of all humanity. As we contemplate the image on the Shroud showing the man who suffered and died and rose from the dead, we experience the solace, the healing and the salvation that he brought to us and reminds us to be faithful witnesses to all the persons who need them, especially those who, in some time or other of their earthly lives, find themselves going up the steep Calvary of their existence.

The image on the Shroud reminds us of Christ who in his own words gave his life like the grain of wheat, so that we are not alone, so that we may feel his comforting arm around our shoulders as he walks with us and so that we may also offer our arms to embrace all those in need. Simultaneously the image bears witness to the Resurrection and so becomes a sign of hope. The man whose image is on the shroud suffered and died but he i snot there anymore; only the image remains. Do not look for him here. He is risen.

As I thank heart fully the Comunità Abramo for this great initiative, I call and urge you all, as individuals and collectively as Christ’s Church, not to be afraid to look upon your wounds and those of your neighbours, so that, with your lives and with your words, you become means of solace, healing and salvation.

Charles Scicluna

Archbishop of Malta

The Holy Shroud

The greatest Love


What is the Holy Shroud

It is a bed sheet of linen on which there is the image of a man who, according to the tradition corresponding to the quoted shroud in the gospels which wrapped the body of Jesus in the sepulchre.

Where is it located?

It is taken care of in the Turin Cathedral ( Piazza San Giovanni), in the last chapel of the left aisle, below the Royal Stand. The Shroud is brought out of the  chapel  only for public  viewing.

The project

The project expects a reply to the call of Pope Francis for a Church to work  to come out on a mission towards the younger generation, persons who are suffering, and families.

The greatest Love

Experiment the Love which heals, consoles and delivers.

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Jesus at the centre

In order to live and renew the personal meeting with Jesus Christ deciding to let oneself meeting by Himself and by His Love. “The joy of the Gospel” re-fills the heart and the entire lives of those who will meet with Jesus. Those who let Him save persons are saved from sin, sadness, interior emptiness, and isolation.

For a new Pentecost

The Holy Spirit lets the Apostles  move out by their own will, and transforms them into bold announcers, well taught about the Word of God and about Prayer, without which any action runs the risk of remaining empty.

Witnesser of the Mercy

Well-trained lay persons, co-responsible about actions by the Church, who through the dynamics of missionaries overseas, bring to their life the presence of a merciful Jesus in the periphery of existence, in various areas of society and, in particular,  the poor and the suffering.

Youths in mission

The young persons who open up to the meeting with God, become leaders with a joyous missionary surge which, in their point of view, helps them in the searching of their vocations.

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